Bundle All Patches in One Big Bundle - HP Unix

Creating one big bundle with all the extra patches you need to install will save your time during the upgrade/patching process and also prevent multiple reboots of your servers. 

Create folder '/var/patches' with 'depot' and 'add' subfolders and copy the Quality Pack into '/var/patches/depot' and additional patches into '/var/patches/add' folder. Next you need to unpack the Golden Pack: 

# swcopy -s /var/patches/depot/GOLDQPK11i_B.11.11.0612.459.depot \* @ /var/patches/depot/QPK

With swcopy copy all additional patches into this unpacked depot.

# for patch in /var/depot/app/*; do
        echo ${patch}
        swcopy -x enforce_dependencies=FALSE \
        -x mount_all_filesystems=FALSE \
        -x reinstall=TRUE -s ${patch} \* @ \
        /var/patches/depot/QPK >> swcopy_patchs.log 2>&1 </dev/nulldone
Verify that all the packages in the new bundle we create are OK.

# swverify -d -x mount_all_filesystems=FALSE \
  -x enforce_dependencies=FALSE \* @ /var/patches/depot/QPK
Now, we have to revert the bundle into the original format for easier distribution.

# swpackage -x media_type=tape -s /var/patches/depot/QPK @ \
You can use this file as any other regular depot file.

# swinstall -i -x patch_match_target=true -x autoreboot=true -s \

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