Configure proxy server using netsh in windows : How to??

You can use commands in the netsh winhttp context to configure proxy and tracing settings for Windows HTTP. The Netsh commands for winhttp can be run manually at the netsh prompt or in scripts and batch files.

To run these commands from the command prompt, you must either enter the netsh winhttp context or prepend the context to the command. For example, if you are at the command prompt but have not typed netsh and then winhttp to enter the netsh winhttp context, you must type:

netsh winhttp command

Where command is the command that you want to run, including all of the required parameters for the command.

# set proxy
# set tracing
# show proxy
# show tracing

set proxy

Configures the WinHTTP proxy setting.

set proxy [proxy-server=] ProxyServerName [bypass-list=] <HostsList>

    Required. Specifies the proxy server to use for http, secure http (https), or both http and https protocols.

    Optional. Specifies a list of Web sites that should be visited without utilizing the proxy server. Use "<local>" to bypass all short name hosts.

set tracing

Configures the WinHTTP tracing parameters.

set tracing [output=] file | debugger | both [trace-file-prefix=] FilePrefix [level=] default | verbose [format=] ansi | hex [max-trace-file-size=] FileSize [state=] enabled |disabled

show proxy

Displays the current WinHTTP proxy setting.

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