Change IP Addresses for service guard cluster

Before you change the IP Address of your Server you must have all new ips ex. Server ip and package ip then you may go for this changes.

Take backup of these directory and files


modify these files

1./etc/hosts # modify ipaddress

2./etc/rc.config.d/netconf # modify ipaddress and subnet

3./etc/cmcluster/cluster.conf # modify HEARTBEAT_IP

4./etc/cmcluster/packge/cipackage.conf # change SUBNET XX.XX.XX.XX

5./etc/cmcluster/packge/dbpackage.conf # change SUBNET XX.XX.XX.XX

6./etc/cmcluster/packge/cipackage.cntl # change IP[0]=XX.XX.XX.XX
change SUBNET[0]=XX.XX.XX.XX

7./etc/cmcluster/packge/cipackage.cntl # change IP[0]=XX.XX.XX.XX
change SUBNET[0]=XX.XX.XX.XX

8.rcp cluster.conf into /etc/cmcluster
rcp cluster.conf into other node same location

9.rcp these conf,cntl and config file into /etc/cmcluster/packge/
rcp ciVRP.conf,dbVRP.conf,ciVRP.cntl,dbVRP.cntl

10. restart the net for new ip
/sbin/init.d/net stop
/sbin/inti.d/net start

check all ipaddress which we have changed and check with linkloop also

11.cmcheckconf -v -C /etc/cmcluster/cluster.conf -P cipackage.conf -P dbpackage.conf
it should come with no error then go for the next step

12.cmapplyconf -v -C /etc/cmcluster/cluster.conf -P cipackage.conf -P dbpackage.conf

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