Cluster & pakage creation steps in MC service gurad

Here i am going to provide a brief steps only. I posted this with interview preparation point of view.This may help you while attend the interview. In interview most of the time you need to tell the steps only.

Go thrw it..All the best..

Clustering Steps :
  1. edit .rhosts file entries of both node
  2. cd /etc/cmcluster
  3. cmquerycl -C cmclconf.ascii -n node1 -n node2   -->to build cluster config file
  4. edit /etc/cmcluster/cmclconf.ascii (enter cluster name & parameter)
  5. ftp /etc/cmcluster/cmclconf.ascii  (to another node)
  6. vgchange -a y /dev/vg01    (activate volume group)
  7. cmcheckconf -C cmclconf.ascii
  8. cmapplyconf -C cmclconf.ascii
  9. cmcruncl
 10. cmviewcl
Package Creation Steps :
  1. mkdir /etc/cmcluster/pkg_name
  2. cmmakepkg -p /etc/cmcluster/pkg_name/pkg_name.conf
  3. edit /etc/cmcluster/pkg_name/pkg_name.conf  (enter package parameters)
  4. cmmakepkg -s /etc/cmcluster/pkg_name.cntl
  5. edit /etc/cmcluster/pkg_name.cntl
     enter volume group ip add. services start & end customer defined functions
  6. copy both files to another node /etc/cmcluster/pkg_name
  7. cmcheckconf -C /etc/cmcluster/cmclconf.conf -p /etc/cmcluster/pkg_name/pkg_name.conf
  8. cmapplyconf -C /etc/cmcluster/cmclconf.conf -p /etc/cmcluster/pkg_name/pkg_name.conf
  9. cmrunpkg -v pkg_name
 10. cmmodpkg -e pkg_name
 11. cmviewcl

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