Enable FTP service in Unix server

How to enable FTP access:

1./etc/services : Check this file and uncomment the ftp lines.

2.Check the port 21 is established or not on ur server.

3./etc/inetd.conf : Check this file for ftp entry should be there.
   If it is not there please put the entry and enble it.

4.Restart the inetd by use the commnd
  #inetd -c

5.start the ftp service : #/sbin/init/ftp start
  Stop the ftp service : #/sbin/init/ftp stop

Files controlls FTP acess:

1./etc/ftpd/ftpaccess --> configuration file is the primary configuration file for defining how the ftpd daemon operates. It is not necessary to enable the ftpacess file inorder to run ftpd. The configuration files allow you to configure FTP features, such as the number of FTP login tries permitted, FTP banner displays, logging of incoming and outgoing file transfers, access permissions, use of regular expressions, etc.

2. /etc/ftpd/ftpconversions -->Defines options for compression/decompression and tar/untar operations

3./etc/ftpd/ftphosts -->Lets you allow/deny FTP account access according to source IP addresses and host names.

4./etc/ftpd/ftpusers --> Restricts FTP access for specified users. This file shows entries which dont have access for ftp.
deny ftp access to selected users.

5./etc/ftpd/ftpgroups -->The group password file for use with the SITE GROUP and SITE GPASS commands

Also check for :
2./etc/passwd --> anonymous ftp access

3.~/.netrc -->login information for ftp.The .netrc file contains login and initialization information used by the ftp autologin process .ftp autologin
allows users to ftp to other hosts.

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