How Manually boot Linux OS in Ubuntu??

These are the same 3 methods you see in a menu.lst, except in menu.lst you have "title" lines and you don't need the boot command (since it's implied). 

Method #1: Chainload To chainload Linux which is on (hdx,y):
grub>  root  (hdx,y)
grub>  chainloader +1
grub>  boot
Note: Windows is always booted by chainloading Note: To chainload, GRUB must first be installed in the OS's root partition. See Installing GRUB. So, run the commands:
 grub> root (hdx,y), grub> setup (hdx,y)

Method #2: Use the specific kernel-initrd commands (as in a full menu.lst), ending with the boot command.

Method #3: Configfile This almost always works! Example: To boot into Kubuntu on sdb3 (= (hd1,2)), type 

grub>  configfile  (hd1,2)/boot/grub/menu.lst    # you'll get the boot menu on sdb3


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