Download the patches for HP unix server ?

 Acquiring the Bundles

To obtain the bundles from the web, perform the following steps for both the QPK and HWE patch

1. Log in to the target system.

2. Determine the operating system release: uname -r

3. Make sure that you are logged in as a user with write permissions to the download directory
that you plan to use.
These instructions assume you are using the /tmp directory.

4. Log in to the ITRC at

Please note that you need to log in to the appropriate site (Americas/Asia-Pacific or European).

5. Select maintenance and support (hp products).

6. Select standard patch bundles - find patch bundles.

7. Select HP-UX patch bundles.

8. Select the most recent release name for your operating system (by release date).

9. Select the bundle link.
We highly recommend you download the following bundles. They are cumulative so select
the latest:
● Hardware Enablement bundle
If you are adding new hardware, then install this bundle.
● Quality Pack patch bundle(s)

10. Ensure all items are checked. Select add to selected patch list.

11. Review your choices to ensure all items are checked. Select download selected.
The download patches page displays.

12. Under the heading download items in one operation, select a download server and a
format option (we recommend gzip package). Only select a zip package if you are certain
that your HP-UX system can unpack a .zip file.

13. Select download. Make the appropriate selections (based on the browser you are using) to
save the selected bundle to the /tmp/tmpdepot directory on the target system.

14. Record the name of the file being downloaded.

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