Scenario Questions : in HP UX

Senario1: The disk/volume groups that are going to be shared between nodes in a cluster neccessitate a different series of standard config files that normally deal with and manage disk/volumes/filesystems.
Which standard config files are affected and why?

Answer :

A. /etc/lvmrc - this startup script needs to be modified to NOT activate all volume groups at startup time

B. /etc/fstab - filesystems that will be shared between nodes must NOT be listed in the fstab file.

Scenario 2: The Primary lan card fails on one of the nodes in the cluster. HP replaces the card, and it has maintained its instance number and associated device files. The ip address remains the same. Will the node be able to rejoin the  cluster with a simple cmrunnode command?

If not - Why? and what commands must you run or changes do you need to make before it can join the cluster?

A. Servicguard maintains the MAC address of all configured LAN cards in the cluster binary file.

B. You must re-run a cmapplyconf using the existing cluster ascii file.

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