Patch installation Commands in HP UX

swverify -d \* @ /tmp/patchdepot :To verify the patch bundle

swlist -l product : To verify the installation using below command

swlist -l depot : To check the registered depot on local server

swlist -l depot @ server_name : To check the registered depot on other server

swlist -d -l product *,c=patch @ \ server:/test/depot : To list out all patches in a depot.

swlist -l product some_bundle : To list out products in a bundle

Steps for creating a hp depot

/usr/sbin/swpackage -s <Input.psf-file> -x create_target_acls=false -x target_type=tape -d <output.depot-file>

where -
Input.psf-file - This file we need to create manually.

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