which Daemons controls MC service Guard ??

Totally 8 daemons are controlling the service guard config

* /usr/lbin/cmclconfd  :ServiceGuard Configuration Daemon
* /usr/lbin/cmcld  :ServiceGuard Cluster Daemon
* /usr/lbin/cmlogd :ServiceGuard Syslog Log Daemon
* /usr/lbin/cmlvmd :Cluster Logical Volume Manager Daemon
* /usr/lbin/cmomd  :Cluster Object Manager Daemon - logs to /var/opt/cmom/cmomd.log
* /usr/lbin/cmsnmpd  :Cluster SNMP subagent (optionally running)
* /usr/lbin/cmsrvassistd   :ServiceGuard Service Assistant Daemon
* /usr/lbin/cmtaped  :ServiceGuard Shared Tape Daemon

Each of these daemons logs to the /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log file

cmclconfd - gathers cluster info ie network and vol grp info started in /etc/inetd.conf
cmcld - determines cluster membership. Package Mgr, Cluster Mgr, and Network Mgr run as parts of cmcld.
cmlogd - used by cmcld to write syslog messages.
cmlvmd - keeps track of Volume group info.
cmomd - provides info to client about the cluster. /etc/inetd.conf.
cmsnmpd - produces MIB for snmp
cmsrvassitd - fork and exec scripts for the cluster.
cmtaped- keeps track of shard tape devices.

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