Root password reset in HP UX

Way :1

1) Login to console
2) reboot machine
3) Interrupt at boot prompt and give as boot -IS

will lead to single user mode. There you can change password directly as,

# passwd

changes. Reboot in your run level.

Way :2
After login in console

#sudo su -
enter your own password here
you must see user id 0, which means you are root.
#cd /tcb/files/auth/r
#cp root backup_root

useradd -m dummy (or any unused username)
#passwd dummy
give it a password
#cd ../d
#cat dummy
copy the encrypted string on the password line up to the colon sign (do not include the colon)
#cd ../r
#vi root
delete the password string and paste the copied password string in its place, making sure the length of deleted string and pasted string are the same.
#passwd root
give password for user dummy as old password
select a new password and type twice when askeda

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