dbprofile - in HP UX Itanium servers

At EFI shell:
display dbprofile:

add/update profile named "ignite" providing only one parameter: dhcp
dbprofile -dn ignite -dhcp

when modifying the profile, only the parameters that are changing need to be listed; you don't need to re-do the entire syntax

three ways that work: first two only work if the ignite server and client are in the same ethernet broadcast domain (subnet).
  - last option gives fast boot time, first and second options requires less administration.

1. dbprofile -dn ignite -dhcp
2. dbprofile -dn ignite -dhcp -b "/opt/ignite/boot/nbp.efi"
3. dbprofile -dn ignite -sip IGNITE.IP.ADDRESS -cip CLIENT.IP.ADDRESS -gip GATEWAY.IP.ADDRESS -m NETMASK -b "/opt/ignite/boot/nbp.efi"

example - ignite IP,  client IP, gateway/router IP, netmask
dbprofile -dn ignite -sip -cip -gip -m -b "/opt/ignite/boot/nbp.efi"

to actually use the dbprofile:
lanboot -dn ignite
or to pick a specific NIC to boot from: lanboot select -dn ignite

to find list of NICs, run:

sometimes on NPARS, not all NICs show up, so do the following to re-connect the EFI drivers:
reconnect -r

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