Comparison - HPUX / AIX / SOLARIS


Command reference comparison

What are you trying to do? Solaris AIX HP-UX
Specify order of name server resolution /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/netsvc.conf etc/nsswitch.conf
Configure networking /etc/nodename, /etc/netmasks, etc/defaultrouter, ifconfig recommendation is to use SMIT, because ifconfig does not save changes, lsattr set_parms - initial, netconf file, ioscan
Understand available file systems ufs, zfs jfs, jfs2 hfs, VxFS
Add space to file systems growfs chfs extendfs
Look at character-based admin GUI None. Admintool was retired years ago. SMC (similar to AIX's WebSM) is the GUI SMIT, smitty, WebSM SAM
Examine hardware changes prtconf lscfg, lsattr, prtconf ioscan, dmesg
View swap space swap lsps swapinfo
Examine file system info /etc/vfstab /etc/file systems /etc/fstab
Share NFS share exportfs exportfs
Check software and/or filesets pkginfo, pkgchk lslpp, lssrc swlist
Install software pkgadd smit install swinstall
Check error logs prtdiag errpt dmesg
Tune the kernel prtctl and /etc/system vmo, ioo, no, schedo, nfso, chdev kctune
start/stop services Svcadm, svcs lssrc, stopsrc, startsrc Usually initiated by scripts from init.d I.E. for network -- /etc/init.d/net start
Install devices drvconfig cfgmgr insf


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