create a volume in VXVM : commands

To display free space in the system

#vxdg free

To display free space for a disk group

#vxdg -g diskgroup free

To display general information for all subdisks

#vxprint -st

To display complete information about a particular subdisk

#vxprint -l subdisk_name (ex disk01)

Creating Volumes

To create a new volume by entering:

#vxassist make volume_name length

(Examble :  vxassist make vol1 4000m)

To create a new volume in a particular subdisk

# vxassist make volume_name length subdisk

(Examble:  vxassist make vol1 4000m disk04)

to create a 30 megabyte striped volume on three specific disks (disk03, disk04, and disk05), enter:
vxassist make agni 4000m layout=stripe disk03 disk04 disk05

Now create a file systems in it and mount and change /etc/fstab

#newfs -F vxfs -o largefiles /dev/vx/rdsk/newvol
# mkdir /new
#mount /dev/vx/dsk/newvol /new

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