Limitations of Windows Server Backup

Limitations of Windows Server Backup

As with most things that come built-into the operating system, there are limitations in what's built into Windows. Most notably, the monitoring and reporting side is extremely weak, and there are also several gaping holes in terms of hardware support.
Monitoring and reporting
  • No concept of media rotation strategies
  • The wizards do not show
  • No such thing as emailing the backup status report
  • No way to automatically see what versions of backups are available on the backup device
  • The drive letter is removed from backup devices
  • No centralized monitoring ability for monitoring large numbers of servers
Hardware support
  • Cannot set up automated backups to rdx and REV drives using the Microsoft wizards
  • Cannot set up automated backups to NAS using the Microsoft wizards
Selection of items to backup
  • Can only select entire volumes to backup, not individual files and folders
  • Can only select local volumes to backup, not network shares

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