Redhat cluster manager components : Quick View.

Software SubsystemComponentPurpose
FencefencedProvides fencing infrastructure for specific hardware platforms.
DLMlibdlm, dlm-kernelContains distributed lock management (DLM) library.
CMANcmanContains the Cluster Manager (CMAN), which is used for managing cluster membership, messaging and notification.
GFS and related locksLock_NoLockContains shared filesystem support that can be mounted on multiple nodes concurrently.
GULMgulmContains the GULM lock management user-space tools and libraries (an alternative to using CMAN and DLM).
Rgmanagerclurgmgrd, clustatManages cluster services and resources.
CCSccsd, ccs_test and ccs_toolContains the cluster configuration services dæmon (ccsd) and associated files.
Cluster Configuration ToolSystem-config-clusterContains the Cluster Configuration Tool, used to configure the cluster and display the current status of the nodes, resources, fencing agents and cluster services graphically.
Magmamagma and magma-pluginsContains an interface library for cluster lock management and required plugins.
IDDEViddevContains the libraries used to identify the filesystem (or volume manager) in which a device is formatted.

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