Mirror root VG in AIX

Steps to mirror the root VG :

# lspv   :  determine the hdisk#

# extendvg rootvg hdisk<number>  : To add the hdisk to the volume group
# lspv   :  verify that the hdisk has been successfully added to the volume group
# chvg -Q 'n' rootvg  : To change the quorum so that the vg will stay active if one of the mirrors fail
# mirrorvg -S -c 2 rootvg   :  mirror all of the logical volumes in the volume group
# lsvg -l rootvg  : verify successful mirroring (pps will appear "stale" until synchronization is complete).
# bosboot -a -d "disk"   :  update the boot image information
# bootlist -m normal -o hdisk0 hdisk1  : create a new bootlist
# bootlist -m normal -o  : verify the bootlist is correct

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