Ulimit setting for running process in Linux: how to get??

Step 1 :

Determine the Process ID (PID) of the process to be investigated.

#ps -eaf |more

If the PID is unknown then check the  following file to determine the PID:


    * This file should exist if the server is currently running. Exceptional circumstances could lead to a situation where this file exists and the server is not running.

The number contained within this file is the PID of the running server.

Step 2

Once the PID is known, inspect the file at the following location:

Location:     /proc/

File:         limits

    * The contents of this file is similar to the output of the “ulimit -a” command.

This file will have a list of ulimit parameters and their associated values for the specified PID.

Examble :

Limit                     Soft Limit   ...​
​Max cpu time              unlimited ​
​Max file size             unlimited ​
​Max data size             unlimited ​
​Max stack size            10485760  ​
​Max core file size        unlimited ​
​Max processes             unlimited ​
​Max open files            8192      ​

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