nPartition system - boot commands and common tasks

Common nPartition Boot Commands and Tasks

From Service processor console (MP or GSP) , we can use the below commands to boot the npartition

1.RS - Reset an nPartition
2.RR - Reset and perform a shutdown for reconfig of an nPartition.
3.BO — Boot the cells assigned to an nPartition past the "waiting at BIB" state and thus begin the nPartition boot phase.
4.TC — Perform a transfer of control reset of an nPartition.
5.PE — Power on or power off a cabinet, cell, or I/O chassis.

From EFI shell - we can use the below commands,

1.bcfg — List and configure the boot options list for the local nPartition.

2.autoboot — List, enable, or disable the nPartition autoboot configuration value.

3.acpiconfig — List and configure the nPartition ACPI configuration setting, which determines whether HP-UX, OpenVMS, Windows, or Linux can boot on the nPartition.

nPartition Modification Tasks

The below tasks commonly performed by the support team on npartion servers, Most of the interview questions are based on this tasks only.

1.Assigning and Unassigning Cells
2.Setting Cell Attributes
3.Setting Core Cell Choices
4.Setting nPartition Boot Paths
5.Renaming an nPartition
6.Removing an nPartition

 Assigning and Unassigning Cells

    parmodify -p# -a#  : To assign (add) or unassign (remove) cells
    parmodify -p# -d#  :command to remove a cell from the specified nPartition
     (-p#, where # is the partition number)

 Setting Cell Attributes

    parmodify -p# -m# : command to modify cell attributes for a specified nPartition

 Setting Core Cell Choices

    parmodify -p# -r# -r# :command to specify up to four core cell choices in priority order for a specified nPartition (

 Setting nPartition Boot Paths

    parmodify -p# -b... -s... -t  : command to set boot paths for a specified nPartition

    bcfg : On an HP Integrity server you can use the EFI Shell bcfg command to configure boot paths.

 Renaming an nPartition

    parmodify -p# -P name : command to set the name for a specified nPartition

 Removing an nPartition

    parremove -p# : command to remove a specified nPartition

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