vx_nospace - error while extend FS: How to resolve ??

Error : vxfs fsadm: V-3-23643: Retry the operation after freeing up some space

This issue we could face while extend the File system in HP-UX.

Extending the Logical Volume completes as normal.

root:test1# lvextend -L 2048 /dev/vg_test/lvol02
Logical volume "/dev/vg_test/lvol02" has been successfully extended.
Volume Group configuration for /dev/vg_test has been saved in /etc/lvmconf/vg_test_1.conf

Error while extending the file system to the new size.

root:test1# fsadm -b 2048M /ofa/test
fsadm: /etc/default/fs is used for determining the file system type
vxfs fsadm: V-3-23585: /dev/vg_test/rlvol02 is currently 1048576 sectors - size will be increased

vxfs: msgcnt 610590 mesg 001: V-2-1: vx_nospace - /dev/vg_test/lvol02 file system full (256 block extent)vxfs fsadm: V-3-20340: attempt to resize /dev/vg_test/rlvol02 failed with errno 28
vxfs fsadm: V-3-23643: Retry the operation after freeing up some space

Reason : The issue is due to fragmented file system leaving no available free PE at the end of file system & the fsadm command believes there is no free PE to extend the FS & failing with the error.

Solution : To resolve this issue we need to defragment the file system using fsadm, please follow the given steps address this issue.

# fstyp -v /dev/vg_test/lvol2 (to check the FS type)

1. #sync (Tried the sync command to flush out any un-written data .)

2. #fsadm -E -D /ofa/test ( Identify whether the fragmentation is causing the issue & check the fragmentation status.)

3. #fsadm -e -d /ofa/test (Perform the defragmentation)

4. #fsadm -F vxfs -b 2048M /ofa/test (Now the file system would be extended as Normal)

5. bdf /ofa/test ( Verify the file system size to confirm it is extended ) 

If you FS is utilized 100% and there is no free space means then unmount the FS and extend it.

#umount /FS 

Then do #fsadm -b as normal.

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