Setup and Configure ILO console : How to ?

We can configure ILO console using ILO RBSU at first time while install server,

Below will explain how to use ILO RBSU ,

1. Turn ON the Server, press F8 key at the Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) prompt.

2. If prompted - Enter user name and Password.
    (use the information which u found on iLO tag)

3. Once you login, you will get iLO RBSU screen.

4. From iLO RBSU, go to Network and select DNS/DHCP option

5. Disable the DHCP (Since we are going to set a static IP for iLO)

6. Now under Network menu, select NIC and TCP/IP settings.

7. Now enter an IP address and Subnet Mask for ILO

8. To Save the settings, please press F10 key.

9. Go to File menu and select Exit to close the iLO Configuration window.

10.Press Enter key to restart Server

To setup ILO using HP Lights Out Utility : Please click here

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