Setup and Configure iLO using HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility

Author : Bibith Dathan

Setup and Configure iLO using HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility:
  • HP Lights-Out Online Configuration utility (HPONCFG) is a Windows or Linux operating system based utility available to configure iLO.
  • The HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility (HPONCFG), which is part of latest HP SmartStart CDs Or u can download from HP site.
  • The utility u can download from HP site or you can install it from HP smart CD.

root:serverA# rpm -qf /sbin/hponcfg

Requirements before using HPONCFG:
  •     The RILOE II, iLO, or iLO 2 Management Interface Driver must be loaded on the server. HPONCFG displays a warning if the driver is not installed.
  •     HPONCFG requires minimum RILOE II, iLO, and iLO 2 firmware versions.  To determine the minimum firmware version required, see the HP SmartStart Scripting Toolkit Linux and Windows Editions Support Matrix.

HPONCFG can be used to perform the following tasks:

    1. Obtain an entire configuration
    2. Obtain a specific configuration
    3. Set a configuration

Value    Meaning

0        The script was sent successfully to the device, or there is no RILOE II,     
          iLO, or iLO 2 present in the system.

1        The script could not be sent to the device.

HPONCFG - command Syntex:

#hponcfg [-help][-?][-reset][-f filename][-l filename] [-w filename][-get_hostinfo][-m firmwarelevel]  [-mouse | -mouse -dualcursor | -mouse -allusers]

Simple steps to config ILO using this utility:

1. #/sbin/hponcfg -a -w /tmp/ilo2.out  (Get configuration )
2. #vi  /tmp/ilo.out -  (Edit configuration  to reflect changes )
     ( Note this is xml file )
3. #/sbin/hponcfg -f /tmp/ilo.out -v  (Appy the configuration)

Setting a specific configuration:

A specific configuration can be sent to the iLO, iLO2, or RILOE II by using the command format:

#HPONCFG /f add_user.xml /l log.txt

Setup and configure ILO using ILO RBSU : Please click here

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