Import VG with disks VGID in HP UX : How to ?

If u want to import a VG using disks VG ID , use the below procedure. Here we are not going to use map file.

To get  VG id and PVID for a disk use below command

# ioscan -funC disk

# xd -An -j8200 -N16 -tx      

 (This command will give VG ID and PV ID info for disk)

Once u got the VGID , now u can import to a VG ( VG name with ur choice) with same VGID disks.

#vgimport -v MVG

Note : Here once VG imported you will get the LV names in different order. Not same like /etc/lvmtab.
This is the only different import a vg using map file and this method.

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