New in RHEL 6 : Quick View

The below are few new features in RHEL 6 

1. Ext4 is the default file system
2. Improved level of security introiduced for Virtual machines - Named as "SVirt"
3. uuid is used by default in the /etc/fstab file
4. Upstart has replaced the init
5. Mounting via NFS default to NFS 4
6. In addition to /etc/sysctl.conf file, there is also /etc/sysctl.d directory. Instead of modifying directly /etc/sysctl.conf, files can be placed under /etc/sysctl.d directory.
7. modprod.d directory instead of /etc/modprobe.conf
8. iSCSI partitions may be used as either root or boot filesystems.
9. Automated I/O alignment and self-tuning is supported.

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