Quorum Server Setup in Service Guard cluster

Below steps will explain about the setup of the Quorum Server Service which is to be used within Service Guard to replace the “Cluster Lock Disk

At Quorum server:

1.Down load and Install Quorum s/w


2. Configuration in Quorum server

A.  Create a directory called /var/adm/qs
B.  Create a directory called /etc/cmcluster (if it doesn’t already exist)
C.  Create a file called /etc/cmcluster/qs_authfile
D.  Insert into the qs_authfile the hostnames of all nodes in a cluster that needs to use the Quorum service. 

    Note:  All hosts contained in a cluster need to be specified.

3. Add the following entry into /etc/inittab

  qs:345:respawn:/usr/lbin/qs >> /var/adm/qs/qs.log 2>&1

3.B. Tell init to re-read /etc/inittab

# init q

4. Check the log /var/adm/qs/qs.log for any errors and that the service is listening

Oct 19 11:29:21:0:Server is up and waiting for connections at port 1238

5. Check the process table for the Quorum Service.

serverA{root}# ps -ef | grep qs
    root 15663 15662  0 11:29:20 ?         0:00 /usr/lbin/qsc
    root 15662     1  0 11:29:20 ?         0:00 /usr/lbin/qsc

At Cluster nodes:

 Adding a cluster to use the Quorum Server

6.Update the /etc/cmcluster/qs_authfile on the quorum server with the hostnames of the cluster

7.Generate a new Cluster configuration file as follows

# cmquerycl -q -n -n -C .config

Note : The ASCII file will contain the QS_HOST, QS_POLLING_INTERVAL, and
QS_TIMEOUT_EXTENSION parameters in the cluster configuration ASCII
Note : Increasing these values will impact the failover time accordingly.

8.Apply the new cluster config file using cmcheckconf and cmapplyconf. 


9. The cluster will need to be down if converting from a cluster lock disk.


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