NFS mount options in linux explained

Syntax to mount NFS FS:

#mount -t vfstype [-o options] NFS Servername:/exporteddirectory /mount point


#mount -t nfs -o options host:/remote/export /local/directory

Mount options explained below :

1. -0 intr

This option is used in non reliable network, or network having more network congestion. NFS request will be interrupted when server is not reachable.

2. -o hard

If hard option is specified during nfs mount, user cannot terminate the process waiting for NFS communication to resume. For ex ..if u ran ls -a command on ur NFS mounted directory but that time ur NFS server went down means .
The process wont get killed or stopped will wait until the NFS server and mount poit become available.

3. -o soft

If soft option is specified during nfs mount, user will get error alert when NFS server is not reachable. This is just inverse of hard mount option. It wont wait for reply if the NFS server went down , it will alert us and the process will go down.

4. -o Nfsvers=value

If this option is specified during nfs mount NFS client uses particular NFS protocol version to communicate.

For example - TCP

# mount -t nfs -o tcp /data/
# mount | grep -i tcp on /data type nfs (rw,tcp,addr=

The Difference between HARD and SOFT mount option explained in another POST. 

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