How to find RAID card firmware version / How to upgrade Firmware?

How to find RAID card firmware in Linux server?

1.Login to the server as root and run the below command to find the current firmware version for RAID card 

2. #cat /proc/driver/cciss/cciss*


root:serverA# cat /proc/driver/cciss/cciss*
cciss0: HP Smart Array E200i Controller
Board ID: 0x3211103c
Firmware Version: 1.78
IRQ: 58
Logical drives: 1
Current Q depth: 0
Current # commands on controller: 0
Max Q depth since init: 32
Max # commands on controller since init: 252
Max SG entries since init: 31
Sequential access devices: 0

cciss/c0d0:      146.77GB       RAID 1(1+0)

How to upgrade RAID card Firmware ?

For upgrade a Firmware you can download the firmware file from concern support site. Normally it will be in the format of *.scexe file. You can execute the file as 


If you have HP Smart array RAID card means you can down laod the SMART DVD ISO image file and you cna use that tool for upgrade the firmware.

1. Mount that ISO image as Virtual DVD in console

2. Reboot  the server through that image/ DVD. 

3. Once its booted thrw that DVD you will get the option to upgrade the firmware like RAID , ILO , Enclosure, Mother board. You can choose for which hardware you want to upgrade the firmware.

4.Then once its upgraded then reboot the machine and check the firmware version now.

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