How to Set JAVA_HOME / PATH variable in Linux

 Set Environment Variable for single / All users:

Normally Based on our requirement we need to set the PATH variable in desired config files. Below is the config files and its desired usage.

File name                           - Where / when it need to use

/etc/profile                         -  Global for many shells

/etc/bash.bashrc                 -  Global for bash only

~/.profile                            - local for many shells

~/.bashrc                           - local bash only

A. Set JAVA_HOME / PATH for a single user

$ vi ~/.bash_profile

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdkX_X_X/bin/java  //New Java version path

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/:/add/new_java_path  //At the end Add the new path what you want.

Save and exit

Then run the below command to take effect

# source  ~/.bash_profile


# . ~/.bash_profile

Verify the settings:

#echo $JAVA_HOME

#echo $PATH

#which java

B. Set JAVA_HOME / PATH for all users

You need to setup global config in /etc/profile OR /etc/bash.bashrc file for all users:

# vi /etc/profile

Next setup PATH / JAVA_HOME variables as follows:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/java/jdk?.X.X.X/bin

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/jdk?.X.X.X/bin

Save and exit.

Then run the below commands

# source /etc/profile


# . /etc/profile

Verify the settings:

#echo $JAVA_HOME

#echo $PATH

#which java

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