Upgrade HBA Bios and Firmware in Linux - Emulex card

Below is the steps for uprgade HBA bios and firmware for Emulex card.

1.Down load the correct firmware and bios file from Emulex support site and down load HBAnyware utility kit which contains one command manager.

2.Copy the files to server 

U have to down load 3 files

A.Driver for FC card
B.Io controller file for emulex card
C.HBAnyware Library and Utilities Kit

3.Install the driver and IO controller module file first and reboot the server.

4.After server comes up install the HBAnyware utility.

5.Verify the firmware version before the upgrade 
cat /proc/scsi/lpfc/*

6.List the HBA that are manageable by HBAnywhere

 #/usr/sbin/hbanyware/hbacmd ListHBAs

7.Now upgrade firmware for HBA card one by one separately.

Upgrade firmware in HBA

# ./usr/sbin/hbanyware/hbacmd Download  “Port WWN no of HBA card”  /dir/ firmware file path  

( Need to run this command for all HBA cards on server)

Ex :

[root@@ hbanyware]# ./hbacmd Download 10:00:00:00:c9:84:b1:17 /tmp/EMULEX-2950/zf282a4.all

Downloading /tmp/EMULEX-2950/zf282a4.all to hba 10:00:00:00:c9:84:b1:17

Download Complete.

[root@ hbanyware]#

8.Upgrade BIOS code

Bios also need to update using the same command 

#./usr/sbin/hbanyware/hbacmd Download  “Port WWN no of HBA card”  /dir/ bios file path 

Install using GUI Mode

If you want to install using GUI mode then follow the below steps:

1. export DISPLAY="your server name"  ( Export the display to widows server where reflection has installed)

2. /usr/sbin/hbanyware/hbanyware  ( it will open a GUI window on windows server)

Click the HBA card and select Maintenance Tab --> Select firmware upgrade  button --> Select the path for the file And enter OK --> Click download ( it will install the Firmware)

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