Add SWAP in HP Unix : How to ?

How to add SWAP in hp Unix
To create swap, you need a contiguous space on a disk/LUN.
Create vg01:
pvcreate /dev/rdsk/c25t0d0
pvcreate /dev/rdsk/c25t2d0
vgcreate -s 8 -p 128 /dev/vg01 /dev/dsk/c25t0d0 /dev/dsk/c25t2d0
vgchange -a y /dev/vg01
lvcreate -C y -L 16384 -n lvswap /dev/vg01
/usr/sbin/swapon -f -p 3 /dev/vg01/lvswap
add to /etc/fstab:
/dev/vg01/lvswap … swap pri=3 0 0

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