LOCK disk Initialization in MC service Guard

To find a LOCK disk /LOCK VG in cluster:

#grep LOCK /etc/cmcluster/cmclconfig.ascii

FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_VG /dev/vgcllock    
FIRST_CLUSTER_LOCK_PV /dev/dsk/c2t0d1


Run the below command

# cmviewconf | grep –e "Node name" –e lock

flags: 12 (single cluster lock)
first lock vg name: /dev/vglock
second lock vg name: (not configured)
Node name: node1
first lock pv name: /dev/dsk/c0t4d4
first lock disk interface type: c720
Node name: node2
first lock pv name: /dev/dsk/c0t5d4
first lock disk interface type: c720


IF you dont have the vgcfgbackup then how to initialize the lock disk again in cluster

How to reinitialize the cluster lock disk(s) using cmapplyconf:

• Halt the entire cluster.
# cmhaltcl –f

• Perform the following command from all nodes in the cluster to remove the cluster
flag from cluster lock VG(s).
# vgchange –c n <VG>

• Activate cluster lock VG(s) on one node only:
# vgchange –a y <VG>

• Perform cmapplyconf on the node where you activated the cluster lock VG(s). The
cluster flag is added back to the VG automatically.
# cmapplyconf –C <cluster-ascii>

• Perform vgcfgbackup to backup the cluster lock information:
# vgcfgbackup <VG>

• Deactivate cluster lock VG(s):
# vgchange –a n <VG>

• Run vgcfgbackup on all other cluster nodes also:
# vgchange –a r <VG>
# vgcfgbackup <VG>
# vgchange –a n <VG>

• Restart the cluster:
# cmruncl

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