Copy HPSP DIAG utilities to new disk - ??

After Replace the failed disk or added new root disk on Itanium server ..We need to mirror the disk and also we need to copy HPSP partition and its information.
Normally while Mirror the DIAG utilities not gettting copied to new disk. This we need to copy using below DD command  only.

First check DIAG utilities are there on existing disk

# efi_ls -d /dev/rdisk/disk3_p3 /EFI/HP

Then run the below command to copy the Files to new disk

#dd if=/dev/rdisk/disk3_p3 of=/dev/rdisk/disk2_p3 bs=1024k 

(disk3 - old disk and disk2 - new disk)


Note : If the DIAG utilities are there means u will get the o/p like below..

# efi_ls -d /dev/rdisk/disk3_p3 /EFI/HP

FileName                             Last Modified             Size
.                                      3/10/2010                  0
..                                     3/10/2010                  0
DIAG/                                  3/10/2010                  0
TOOLS/                                 3/10/2010                  0

total space 418598912 bytes, free space 379895808 bytes


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