Install Linux latest relase without CD / DVD / USB : How to ??

Dont you have CD/DVD or USB to Install Newly released Linux in your Laptop/Desktop?
No worries you can do that with in linux.

1. mkdir /fedora ; cp -rvf /home/saravanan/fedora.iso /fedora
2. mount -o loop /fedora/fedora.iso /media/iso
3. cd /media/iso/isolinux
4. cp vmlinuz initrd.img /fedora/
5. edit grub.conf --> /boot/grub/grub.conf
6. add these lines at the last.

title Install Linux
root (hdX,Y)
kernel /distro/Linux_kernel
initrd /distro/Ram_disk

7. save and exit and reboot the system then you will get the following prompt in the booting option.

screen1 - >

screen2 - >

screen3 - >

screen4 - >

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