What is Ansible ? How Ansible works ??

What is Ansible ?

  • Ansible is an open source, Automation tool for configuring, managing and deploying software applications on the nodes without  any downtime by using SSH
  • Ansible just need a SSH connection and Python (2.4 or later) to be installed on the remote nodes to perform it's action.
  • The controlling machine (Ansible) deploys modules to nodes using SSH protocol
  • These modules are stored temporarily on remote nodes and communicate with the Ansible machine through a JSON connection over the standard output.
  •  Ansible uses the playbook to describe automation jobs, and playbook uses a very simple language YAML

Some Key points about Ansible :

  1. Agentless  
  2. Python
  3. SSH 
  4. PUSH Architecture
  5. YAML - For Playbooks
  6. Parallel execution ..Can execute serial as well.

Ansible Architecture :

How Ansible Works ? 

Ansible works by connecting to your nodes and pushing out small programs, called "Ansible modules" to them. These programs are written to be resource models of the desired state of the system. Ansible then executes these modules (over SSH by default), and removes them when finished.

he machine where Ansible is installed, responsible for running the provisioning on target node 
Ansible Use cases  : 

  • Provisioning
  • Configuraiton Management
  • App Deployment
  • Continous Delivery
  • Security & Compliance
  • Orchestration

Ansible – Supported Operating Systems :

  • Linux, including RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, and others.
  • Windows and Windows Server
  • UNIX
  • OS X

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